Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Giving Tree and Other Links

Have you ever read a quote by someone else, and thought to yourself ‘that could have come out of my mouth – in fact, I'm pretty sure I've said that before in exactly the same way'? Let me assure you, when/if it happens it's weird and kind of awesome all at the same time. And while I generally don't like sharing thoughts and opinions with actors, I've got to give it up to Ryan Gosling; he pretty much nailed the children’s book The Giving Tree:

That book is so fucked up; that story’s the worst. I mean, at the end the tree is a stump and the old guy just sitting on him – he’s just used him to death, and you’re supposed to want to be the tree? Fuck you. You be the tree. I don’t want to be the tree. [NY Mag]

Words to live by.

Also, my assistant sent me the following two links a while ago. I loved both of them (cracked me up – genius), but I never got around to sharing the goodness with you fine people. So…here you go. One’s just awesome in and of itself, and the other is for those of us who read the Twilight books (for whatever reason), didn’t fucking get it, and continually try to explain to the psychopaths out there that it’s not even a well-written, well-executed book! Seriously people, it’s not.

Anyway, enough of me talking (writing). Onto the good stuff:

Amazingness. My favorite line - Somebody's stupid here, and I think she thinks it's me.