Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Inappropriate

So I’m sitting in my office this morning, checking emails, when the following exchange took place. This actually happened:

(Note: My assistant and I generally communicate by yelling to one another; this is because we’re both entirely too lazy to get up and walk 6 feet to the others desk every time we need to speak.)

Assistant: Hey, did you see the dik dik!
Redhead: Oh, you mean Greg Oden? Totally! I mean, I know he’s like 7 feet tall, but still – congratulations to him!
Assistant: Wait, what?!
Redhead: Hmmm?
Assistant: What did you say?
Redhead: I said congratulations to Greg Oden and his little man.
Assistant: (finally standing up and coming to my door) Are you insane?
Redhead: Probably.
Assistant: Where did that come from?
Redhead: We were talking about Greg Oden.
Assistant: I was talking about a dik dik.
Redhead: Right.
Assistant: Do you know what a dik dik is?
Redhead: Yes, I am over the age of 12.
Assistant: I’m not sure you are. I was talking about a small animal that looks kind of like a deer.
Redhead: (head tilt – look of confusion)
Assistant: Didn’t you check Cute Overload today?
Redhead: Not yet. (turning bright red) So…um…there’s an animal on there called a dik dik?
Assistant: (nods head)
Redhead: So that's a real thing?
Assistant: (nods again)
Redhead: How many people heard our earlier conversation?
Assistant: Well, considering how loud you are…
Redhead: That’s awkward.

Seriously though - did any of you people know there was such a thing as a dik dik (and that it was an animal) before reading this?