Thursday, May 29, 2008

I MAY Be an Asshole

I’m going to write something more tomorrow (on a totally different topic I’m sure), but in the meantime some thoughts:

-I’ve managed to argue my landlord down $250 a month for next year's rent – just to be clear, that’s $250 down from a $500 a month increase, so now we’re talking about me paying $250 more a month next year. Get it? Yeah, I’m so annoyed at this point that I think I’m just going to say ‘Fuck it’ and take the deal. Who wants a savings anyway?

-At this point my job has turned into roughly 10% me actually editing and evaluating books, and 90% me negotiating deals and fighting with people. Now that’s fine in theory – hey, I like to fight – but everyone that I’m dealing with is taking it so fucking personally! This is business people – I’m not here to do you any favors. Unfortunately I’m getting the impression my predecessor wasn’t aware of this fact, and he gave everyone we work with a false sense of security; it’s now my job to yank that safety blanket away and burn it before their eyes. I call this my Breaking Them In Period. I’ve got to tell you though, it’s exhausting being this much of a bitch THIS MUCH of the time. Yes people, there is a limit. Who knew?

-I went away with Fancy Pants last weekend. Yeah, it went about as well as you’d expect. (The only reason he lived through Memorial Day was I’m too shitty a driver to have made it back to the city in one piece without him.) I’m thinking tonight is a good night to end things. Wish me luck! (And yes, I realize this is waayyyy overdue.)

-I have the maturity of a 12 year old sometimes – case in point, my eating/drinking habits. Not to get too into it, but I have about 2-3 energy drinks a day, roughly 2 coffees, and I really only eat pretzels and granola bars while at work (which is from around 8:15-6:30, 5 days a week). At what age are you supposed to be capable to taking better care of yourself that…well, than a prepubescent who (generally) still lives with her parents? Wait, don’t answer that – I prefer ignorance.

OK party people – more tomorrow. I’ve missed you (woops, there I go lying again) and I’m going to make it up to you (possibly)!


TK said...

Lies hurt, Red.

They hurt.


Ps - Jesus fucking Hell, dump the deadweight Fancypants already. Sheesh.

Jill said...

Good luck on the whole breaking it off thing.

And for the love of God please eat some fruit or something while at work! :)