Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm Inappropriate

So I’m sitting in my office this morning, checking emails, when the following exchange took place. This actually happened:

(Note: My assistant and I generally communicate by yelling to one another; this is because we’re both entirely too lazy to get up and walk 6 feet to the others desk every time we need to speak.)

Assistant: Hey, did you see the dik dik!
Redhead: Oh, you mean Greg Oden? Totally! I mean, I know he’s like 7 feet tall, but still – congratulations to him!
Assistant: Wait, what?!
Redhead: Hmmm?
Assistant: What did you say?
Redhead: I said congratulations to Greg Oden and his little man.
Assistant: (finally standing up and coming to my door) Are you insane?
Redhead: Probably.
Assistant: Where did that come from?
Redhead: We were talking about Greg Oden.
Assistant: I was talking about a dik dik.
Redhead: Right.
Assistant: Do you know what a dik dik is?
Redhead: Yes, I am over the age of 12.
Assistant: I’m not sure you are. I was talking about a small animal that looks kind of like a deer.
Redhead: (head tilt – look of confusion)
Assistant: Didn’t you check Cute Overload today?
Redhead: Not yet. (turning bright red) So…um…there’s an animal on there called a dik dik?
Assistant: (nods head)
Redhead: So that's a real thing?
Assistant: (nods again)
Redhead: How many people heard our earlier conversation?
Assistant: Well, considering how loud you are…
Redhead: That’s awkward.

Seriously though - did any of you people know there was such a thing as a dik dik (and that it was an animal) before reading this?


TK said...

Yes. Yes, I have heard of it. I've seen them at zoos.

However, that doesn't make your story any less fantastic. More so, if anything.

But hey, look on the bright side. Now all your co-workers think you're a size queen with a thing for athletes.

MCBias said...

Yes, I know what a dik-dik is, but I was a biology freak as a kid and collected animal trading cards. Not coincidentally, I somehow never encountered a live gina-gina in its natural habitat.

Redhead said...

tk: I am not a size queen, but come on! How can you not be impressed?

mcb: So I really am the only one who's never heard of an animal called a dik dik?! You'd think people would talk about the existence of an animal with that name more often.

MCBias said...

Well it's a really small creature, so most people don't notice it (groan, I know, bad joke).

Big Daddy said...

Just when I assume that you have died and left us to fend for ourselves, you show up with a posting that reminds us that all is well in Redhead Land. Welcome back to your blog. You are missed when you are not here.

Also, you might want to consider not yelling certain things that either are or could be considered sexually focused. Just in case someone might get the wrong idea or allow your true identity to be revealed.