Thursday, November 6, 2008

I Need Drugs

I did something to my back – not sure exactly what I did, but it hurts. As of right now I would describe it as a severe tightening of the muscles along my lower back (mainly right around my spine). However when I try to just work through it (ie. walk normally and not like someone who’s 97 years old) the muscles do tend to…well, I guess spasm is the word.

So…anyone have any suggestions on good over the counter drugs? I foresee a night of lying on the floor, popping Advil (or whatever you guys may recommend), and drinking wine in my future. That kind of sucks since I was planning on going to the Gelf Magazine-Varsity Letters thingamabob tonight, but…yeah, that’s not going to happen now. It sucks because this one had the potential to be really good – for those of you who are into sports/sports writing/sports blogs and are in the NYC area, I highly recommend it. Again, I will not be there as I will be at home tonight spending time studying my ceiling instead (and NOT in the fun way). Fuck my life is exciting. Still if you do go, send comments/notes.



MCBias said...

I was thisclose to going to the Gelf reading myself, until I realized that this is my busiest time of the year. Sigh. Maybe someone else will go?

TK said...


Best of luck.

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Aw crap. I had no idea this was coming, and would have been there were it not for plans. 'Preciate the (unintentional) heads up.

Hope you feel better either way.

Redhead said...

mcb: Can't you man up for one night and do this for me?! Oh never mind - I've been so cranky today, my assistant actually looked at me about an hour ago (after I growled at her to stop cracking her knuckles around me) and said 'I'm not talking to you for the rest of the day today.' Fuck.

tk: As always you're not at all helpful. Hey, where have you been lately? I haven't heard from you around here in a while. (Oh, and I'm sorry about your aunt - I kept meaning to comment about it but didn't know what to say.)

bb: What kind of plans do you have? If it's a date you could bring her with you. Pretty please with a cherry on top!

The Brooklyn Boy said...

Were it only that easy, I'd put my well-practiced powers of persuasion to use, but the roommates and I are hosting our apt. "sweethearts" for our (bi-)weekly night of Rock Band, Fusion Frenzy and bad movies.

Bruce Paine said...

As someone who has had to work (and play) through a lot of pain (physical and psychological) I would recommend going to a doctor and just asking for a small dose of muscle relaxers. I have never been able to get much use out of painkillers over the counter or otherwise, but muscle relaxers have always been good to me. I would take two muscle relaxers and top it off with a stiff white russian and call an ex in the morning. They say not to mix alcohol and muscle relaxers, and it might not be a good idea for somebody that doesn't weigh much over a hundred pounds, but for a thick-chested but sleek 200, it is like pouring warm pudding over your brain and drifting into a velvet lined pair of your favorite jeans.

A while back I fell from a height of about 16 feet onto a concrete drive. IT WAS AWESOME! I ate muscle relaxers and gin. I did not miss a single softball game and even ran an adventure race (albeit not well) with Cobra the next weekend. Muscle relaxers muscle relaxers muscle relaxers. If you dont want to go that far, take 6 Tylenol PMs, chug two Budweiser tall boys and call your parents in the morning. You will wake up with a tummy ache if you go this route.

Your Girlfriend is Ugly said...

Advil usualy helps me!

Or I could hook you up with this girl I met randomly at a bar a few weekends ago. My birth control fell out of my purse and she asked me where I got my "drugs" and if I wanted her to hook me up with her dealer in Philly because he gets the BEST Vicodin.

Or you could just do some yoga.