Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm in 'Girl Jail'

This was an actual conversation about another (different) conversation - let's just jump right in and skip the intro:

Redhead: And then I used the c-word.
Christine: Wait…what?!
Redhead: I honestly don’t think I’ve ever used it out loud before, but it just kind of popped out.
Christine: What was the context?
Redhead: I was…you know…talking about the body part.
Christine: WAIT...WHAT?!
Redhead: It kind of fit naturally into the conversation at the time. The guy seemed surprised though.
Christine: No shit. Men are afraid of that word (for good fucking reason)! But you…you should know better!
Redhead: I know.
Christine: Bad!
Redhead: I know!
Christine: That’s it – give your girl card back!
Redhead: Stop yelling at me!


Turns out girls aren't allowed to use the c-word either - did anyone else know this? Can I ask a question here? What exactly is so bad about the word? I know it's a no-no and everything, but...why?

Anyway, so now I'm in 'girl trouble' - whatever that is - and I guess I'm in 'girl jail' (which I just made up). Mental shrug.


Losing It said...

I disagree... Cunt is one of my most favorite words in this world. So versatile. So shocking. So perfect. You can have your girl card back; If I haven't had mine revoked yet, then you certainly shouldn't have yours taken away.

Redhead said...

Thank you! I can honestly say that while it did just pop out (I really had never used it before), I couldn't help but think 'it's kind of a cool word.' Then Christine yelled at me. But now I'm thinking...why the fuck am I bowing to peer pressure on this?! That's not like me.

Bruce Paine said...

Girls can use it. I think they are best advised to save it for the throes of passion where it is a little more acceptable and slips of the tongue are both understood and welcomed, otherwise it can often be a little off-putting. This is common man knowledge. You only call a woman a C&#! if you fully intend or hope to never see them again in any situation. It is like drawing a line in the sand or poking another man in the chest.