Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10 Things

1) I love the smell of the farmer’s market in Union Square. I walk through it year-round (got to get to work somehow), but in the summertime the smells just go off the charts. Whether it’s the strawberries (mmmm, strawberries) or the basil, it just makes mornings so much more enjoyable. Two enthusiastic thumbs up.

2) UFC 100 is this weekend! I’m finding a bar that’s willing to pay the $45 to get the fights, and I’m not budging until it’s over. NONE of my friends want to go with me, so it looks like I’m spending my Saturday night solo. But guess what – I don’t care! The only sad part is my brother is going to be there, in Vegas, because his job actually requires it (my fucking job now officially sucks), and apparently I don’t fit in his suitcase. Not. Fair.

3) Christine was fired again. That makes 3 jobs in the last 4 years. This is getting awkward.

4) So I’m reading GENERATION KILL by Evan Wright – I wanted to read it before I finally got around to watching it (months late) on On Demand. I’ve got to say, it’s ridiculously good. Well written, engrossing, disturbing, just…amazing really. Only now I’m a little nervous about watching the series; I’ve heard good things about it, but there’s no way it’s ever going to live up to the book. Ah well, I’m still excited.

5) Linda got married a week and a half ago – I was a bridesmaid. I wore a killer dress (yay to letting the bridesmaids choose their own dresses). The reception was wayyyyy too much fun. I’ll write more about it soon. Probably.

6) People are gross. So a few days ago it got a little warm in NYC (finally), and I hopped the subway downtown. I get in the subway car and instantly realize that the air conditioning isn’t working, but decide to suck it up rather than go on walkabout to find a better car. Big mistake. The dude sitting across from me, in denim shorts no less – no man should ever wear denim shorts…ever…for any reason – is sweating like a pig. That’s gross enough. But then, he pulls out a tissue and starts WIPING HIS HAIRY LEGS WITH IT! I guess he was trying to cool off/mop up the sweat. But either way…ewwwww. I have no words. I still feel a little nauseous when I think about it. People, when you are on the subway you are in public! We can see you! Stop with the weird crap!

7) So after a long winter of being a lazy shit I finally started working out again. My ass is grateful. The rest of me fucking hates it.

8) I’ve decided that I’m sick of meeting men in bars, and the blind dates my friends have been setting me up on lately have been…bad. Any suggestions (NOT on good ways to meet men? I refuse to date anyone I work with, and I’m running out of options here.

9) I have a new word that I’ve been using a lot lately, and I’m more than willing to admit I have no clue what it means. My new word is: jiggity.

10) And the big news – my parents got a new dog! We’re so excited to have her in the family (we got her from Boxer Rescue and she’s…SO fab), and I am completely, 100% in love. Here she is:

Ridiculously cute, right?

That’s it for now. I think I might post again in the next few days. Hey, it could happen!


Hefel said...

I don't know how far you are from Montreal, but we're watching UFC100 at my place... you're more than welcome to join us.

Redhead said...

Thanks dude. Sadly, I am not near Montreal - I'm assuming you're going to be cheering for GSP on Saturday though, right?
Ah well, looks like I'm still rolling solo this weekend.

Anonymous said...

If you walk that cutie around I'm sure you'll meet some dog-loving guys pretty quick!

Bruce Paine said...

Looking forward to the Akiyama undercard. Judo doesn't see much play in UFC as a style base, it is usually a supporting member, but after Machida's TV success I think classical style bases may have a bit of a Renaissance.

Start playing in a coed softball league. I play in several leagues and keep running into girls I went to high school with who are dating dudes on the other team. If its a coed team, you get to evaluate his athletic ability before making a move. If he can't make a decent play on a fly ball, or stands in the batter's box like he's wearing somebody else's underwear then you know what you are getting into. I would add however, that you you should give the clumsy losers a chance once in a while. On occasion you find somebody who is very coachable, and eager to improve. I have never met a woman who did not enjoy telling a guy what to do, even a submissive likes to tell her boyfriend to do the dishes.

Redhead said...

anon: She is cute isn't she? Unfortunately she lives in NJ with my parents, and the last thing I need is a guy who lives in another state (albeit one that's right next to mine). Good thinking though - a dog lover is a must.

paine: I used to play on my company's softball team. A) I don't date within the company, and b) we sucked, and c) there were no men I would break my 'no fraternizing' rule with there anyway. On top of all that, I am a TERRIBLE softball player. No man would respect me after watching me strike out for the 3rd time on a weak-ass softball pitch. I actually went to a batting cage to practice once, and it was there that I realized the extent of my incompetence; I couldn't hit that shit either. Sad. I''s embarrassing - I still can't talk about my failure any more (you'll lose all respect for me).

Bruce Paine said...

The Science of Hitting - Ted Williams. Its even got colored pictures so you silly little girls can figure out what is going on! But seriously folks, it doesn't have to be softball. Pick any sport, maybe one you are better at, and apply the same principle.

Another option would be going to comic book shop on a regular basis. For every hideous uber-geek with anthropomorphic porn on his shirt, there are ten regular comic book geeks. BUT, if the anthropomorphic porn geek was one extreme, there is another extreme. He is regular dude and you might have a shot. The guy who runs the local comic book shop in Bloomington imparted that bit of wisdom. According to him, there is generally one or two normal people frequenting a comic shop that all of the goth chicks that are normally trolling for submissives drool over. Maybe you have a shot with one of those guys. At least he can read! I crack myself up.

NotMcBias said...

Date sports bloggers and then write reviews on each date on your website while omitting the names. Then, in the comments section, allow people to guess who you went out on the date with. This would not only help your blog traffic but it would also put all sports bloggers in the NYC on notice that there was a redhead out there looking to date and then blog about them. The hilarity ensues.

I suppose that it's kind of the same strategy a serial killer uses but with more internet usage and less death.

Another men that work for your competition. It would be the same as dating someone you work with (similar interests) but you'd get twice the gossip. Then blog about it.

Last McBias in a "Can't Buy Me Love" scenario....and then blog about it. The upside is that you could turn him into your husband. The downside is that he could stalk you for the next few years. Either way....entertainment. Also, you should blog about it.

All of these are good ideas. I have statistical evidence to back it up.

Redhead said...

paine: Hey, thanks smartass! Maybe I will read The Science of Hitting...again! I'm sure the second reading of a BOOK will help me with my TERRIBLE hand-eye coordination.

I'm thinking anything sports related (besides watching it) is a bad way for me to meet men. I'm pretty normal under most circumstances, but get me in a sports setting I become a fucking klutz. I can run and bike and swim like a champ, but anything that requires actual skill and coordination - not so much. Did I ever tell you guys about the time I fell off the eliptical machine at the gym? Just tipped over - couldn't keep my balance on that thing. Yeah...yeah.

notmcbias: Wow, what did mcb ever do to you? As for the "suggestion" that I date sports bloggers and write about, no. I don't think the poor guys could handle me.

MCBias said...

If me not commenting means that people start trying to jump on my username, then I'm definitely back! I mean, sure, notmcbias, it's definitely an upside for any woman to marry me, but I'm pretty sure Redhead and I go together about as well as mayonnaise and peanut butter sandwiches.

The crazier Christine gets, the hotter she sounds...just being honest.

Redhead, you don't have to PLAY the sport in question. Go to a massive amateur sports event like a sand volleyball tournament or a race, and blend into the crowd. Check out your favorite athletes. Then hang out at the finish or at the bar and pretend you're waiting for a friend to be done. It's easy. If you need to, just mooch off of some friend's network who does play a sport.

Or, find a bookstore or book club or reading or something. You're hot and love books--your odds couldn't be better.

Cute dog.

NotMcBias said...

I'm just looking at ways to make this blog better but without the meaningless, "I hooked up/dated/drank with this guy and it didn't work out" posts.

I'm also trying to tell you to lower your standards because usually when you do that someone exceeds them.

Mayonnaise and PB actually go together well because of the viscosity of the substances.