Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm Never Drinking Again

At some point I'm going to learn my lesson and stop going out on St. Patty's Day. (I'm so hung over right now...ugh, the pain - some holidays should not be allowed to take place on a Tuesday.)

So, do you ever wake up the morning after going out, and as details of the night start coming back to you all you can think is, 'Oh, FUCK no!'?

Did I really say those things? Did I really do those things?

Um, and on a not unrelated note I am no longer seeing the guy I mentioned in the last post.


TK said...

That's it? You're gonna open the can and not spill the beans?


Redhead said...

I can give you the breakdown if you really want it, but suffice it to say...I was in rare form. (I can't believe I drank all that Jameson.) Dignity, what's that? I MAY have suggested to my quasi-boyfriend that he should get together with Christine. I may also have ended up on his friend's lap before giving said friend my number. In my defense, his friend is an absolute god.

Ah fuck, it still sounds horrible. Never mind - none of the above happened.

Bruce Paine said...

One of the few things I like about myself is that there is nothing I would say drunk that I would not say sober. Fuck the inner monologue. If I am more honest than the little angel on my shoulder there is no way I will ever feel embarrassed.

So what if I was in the show choir? Fuck you, the choir kids in my school will kick the monkey fuck out of the your basketball team. That was just how we rolled.

Redhead said...

I say things while drunk that are true, but if I were sober I (usually) would have the tact (and heart) to NEVER say them. I mean...Christine's already calling it the St. Patty's Day Massacre. Poor guy.

Show choir huh? Sure, why not?