Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Thoughts etc.

So the past week has been exhausting, and rather than going into it I will simply say I am one year older, my liver has been absolutely abused in the past 7 days (a wine bar one night, a martini bar the next night, my favorite scotch place the night after that…), I saw 2 Broadway shows in the past 2 weeks (Chorus Line was not as amazing as I had hoped it would be), I had entirely too much fun with my friends (who paid for everything – bonus!), my family proved to be just as nuts and loving as is humanly possible (2 dinners with them last week – drinks Redhead consumed at said dinners: 9…not counting the bottles of wine with the actual meals), oh, and my job is slowly killing me.

-On the job front my boss actually came to me last week and said they WILL be hiring me an assistant soon, and that she realizes I ‘can’t be expected to keep up this pace in the long term.’ No shit Sherlock. I was starting to think I had sold my soul for a bigger paycheck and more impressive title – I’m still not entirely convinced I haven’t. What else…

-I passed a woman on the street this morning who was pushing a stroller – it was your basic NY stroller with the sun visor thingee, the plastic covering to protect the rider from the wind, etc. The only thing that made this woman stand out to me – she had a DOG sitting in the seat of her Bugaboo (retail price of that stoller: roughly $700). Now I’m as big an animal fan as they come, but having said that – WHAT THE FUCK?! Dogs CAN walk, I’m almost sure of it.

Sometimes people give me a headache.

-I went back to being a redhead. Length of time spent in brunette land – 1 month. This can’t be good for my hair. Still, if you had seen me with my roots growing out...not an attractive look for me. Just NOT an attractive look.

-I’ve decided to write another book – this I’m going to do in my free time. Ah shit, I don’t have any free time, do I? Well whatever, I need some options right now. Did I mention that my job is taking over my life?

-My younger nephew had his birthday party this weekend (1 year old – so damn cute), and I, being the kick-ass aunt that I am, got presents for not just the birthday boy but his older brother as well (who’s only 2 and doesn’t get the selfless thing yet). Anyway, my present for the non-birthday boy was a doctor’s kit: Briefcase, stethoscope, fake cell phone, fake pager, name tag, fake needle, blood pressure cuff, etc. I’m telling you guys, this kit was awesome and went over VERY well.

So I’m home the next morning and my mom calls to tell me the story of Nephew #1 (the older one). It seems that the night before, Nephew #1 had finished his bath and was getting antsy while Nephew #2 was having his turn in the tub, so he exited the room. A minute later he returned – buck naked and wearing only a stethoscope. My brother and sister-in-law immediately did the right thing and grabbed a camera to preserve the moment - and have something to show Nephew #1's future wife.

The first thing that came to mind when my mother told me this story: Why is it that when a little kid does this you think it’s the cutest thing ever, but when a full-grown man does it all you can think is ‘ah shit, he wants to play doctor AGAIN?’

Just kidding – I never get sick of playing doctor.

-My apartment has been fucking freezing this week – I’m thinking that there’s something wrong with my heat (the temperature in NY yesterday was around 13 degrees). YET, I haven’t actually called my super to let him know about the problem. Why? Well, it all gets down to the fact that I feel I need to clean my apartment before he comes to check things out, and I just don’t have the time or energy lately. So I’ve just been layering on clothes and huddling under the covers when I’ve been home.

THAT my friends is why I’m the queen of laziness. Seriously, I dare you to top that. Yeah I didn’t think you could either; don’t feel bad.

-Russell Crowe in Gladiator = Still the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

-I got to choose the restaurant my family went to for my birthday, and even though I’m a miserable, cranky vegetarian (I really am), I chose my favorite steak place to celebrate. I did this because I figured a) I could live vicariously through them, and b) why should everyone else suffer because of my stupid guilt/morality.

Alright, that’s it for now. I promise to try to post more frequently from now on. (Operative word here – try.) Does anyone have anything they want to share?


rs27 said...

Another book? I missed the first one.

I always sell my soul for a bigger paycheck. I love America!

Erin said...

Are you spending some time watching box office hits of the mid to late 90s (Gladiator, Titanic) instead of posting more often?

Redhead said...

rs27: I've mentioned it here before. I...wrote a romance novel. (Shut up.)

erin: This is the stuff that's on TBS (or some similar channel) when I get home late at night! I take no responsibility for my movie-viewing habits.

onthevirg said...

At least you picked a good movie to talk about this time. Glad that you had a good B-day week. You get anything cool?

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

my heat at my house is at 50, yes read that right. this week it has not been warmer then 10 degrees here in wi and my roommate/landlord won't turn up the heat. i bet your apt isn't at 50 in below zero temps. but i feel your pain.

Bruce Paine said...

I like Crowe in Gladiator. Even as a Roman historian I can forgive them their misses and enjoy Crowe. Still, for the Ridley Scott, Russell Crowe pairing I would rather watch A Good Year.

Oh, and while the doctor thing is cool enough, boys like dirtbikes. Food for thought for the blossoming aunt in the field of buying things. I think it may be hardwired. Boys like dirtbikes. Even if its just a pair of pjs with dirtbikes on them. Or ninjas.