Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Weekend/New Year's Recap

OK, we’re going to need to keep this quick because I’m running on about 3 hours sleep (don’t ask), my coffee STILL hasn’t kicked in, and I have a lot of work to do. So to recap:

I went out with Linda and her gay boyfriends on Friday (no seriously, she has like 4 close friends who are all gay lawyers). Anyway, at some point in the past year or so I’ve met and hung out with all of them, and according to Linda they all love me and insisted I be invited for their Holiday Night Out (believe it or not I make a great first impression – I know, it always adds to the disappointment once people actually get to know me). Long story short I got blasted (as did everyone else), and…let’s see, what else…

Well, we started out drinking cocktails at Linda’s around 6 (those of us who had worked last week needed pre-dinner refreshment), then at around 8 we wandered out for dinner; somehow the six of us polished off 4 bottles of wine during the course of the meal. After that we wandered down the block to a neighborhood bar for more liver destruction. Now, at this point in the night things get fuzzy – I do know we ended up at a karaoke bar (briefly) and that I sang To Be With You by Mr. Big (the fact that I chose that song cracks me up, but the fact that I sang at all proves that I was VERY drunk), and I do know that I allowed the Gay Boyfriends to psychoanalyze me – the verdict:

With the help of Linda (who’s known me forever), it was deduced that I don’t have successful relationships because I’m afraid of being hurt (no shit Sherlock, who isn’t?). It also seems that in the instances where I do care (ie. family, a VERY SMALL group of friends) I ‘love hard’ (whatever the fuck that means). Therefore I need to ‘grow a pair’ and allow myself to be vulnerable. I say this is all bullshit, but I will admit to being more than a little impressed that they came up with this after a good six hours of nonstop drinking.

After the psychoanalysis we decided to lighten things up by heading over to a gay bar so the boys could ‘get their flirt on’ (no, seriously, they said that). Once there I have been informed that I was the life of the party, and that I danced with no less than 8 men and 3 women. (It would appear that I also convinced one of the Gay Boyfriends to break up with his actual boyfriend over the phone – I stand by this even now because the dude was cheating and deserved to get dumped by cell phone at 2am. Still…)

Anyway, I finally made it home around 3:30am, but this was not before I gave into the urge to walk through midtown Manhattan at 3 in the morning in the rain. I got fucking soaked, but this is actually one of the few parts of the evening that I remember clearly – it was one of those great NY moments where the city was kind of quiet yet still very much awake, the night was so dark that the lights looked like little stars, there was just a little bit of mist around to add to the ambiance, and things just seemed…quiet and peaceful – well as quiet and peaceful as midtown Manhattan gets anyway. OK, I’m not really explaining this well, but suffice it to say I had a nice walk home in the pouring rain.

Thanks to that little late-night stroll in the rain, I woke up the next morning with my hair looking…interesting. That seemed like as good a reason as any to spend most of the day being lazy and doing nothing but reading and eating leftover Christmas cookies. Sunday was more of the same – I’m dodging John’s calls at the moment (hey, according to you guys I'm the ‘Babe Ruth of avoidance’). And Monday basically involved spending hours with my nephews (they honestly COULD NOT be any cuter) and going out for New Year’s.

A quick thought on New Year’s Eve: There’s too much pressure on New Year’s. I’m never going to have as much fun as I feel like I should, I have to pay at least $100 to get into a bar (and contrary to popular belief, I cannot drink $100 worth of booze and don’t really enjoy feeling like I should try), and I find that most private party’s in people’s apartments are…cramped to say the least (NYC apartments are just not designed to be able to handle large crowds). I’d rather just stay home with some Chinese food.

Having said all of that, I did go to a house/apartment party. It was actually very chill and relaxed (which I enjoyed), I drank mainly scotch and champagne (don’t do it – I did not feel awesome when I woke up yesterday), and I ended up leaving around 1. All in all, it was uneventful and…fine.

As for New Year’s resolutions – I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. What about you guys? Did you do anything fun? Do you have any resolutions you want to share? Fuck I’m tired.


MCBias said...

My New Year's resolution is to comment on blogs less, and...already broke it. Whoops! Ok, how about not getting rigged into working the day after New Year's? That's definitely a resolution for next year.

rs27 said...

Gay Lawyers? This whole post I kept imagining the gay lawyers in Big Daddy.

Um resolution for New Years?

Stop referencing Big Daddy.

TK said...

Only one new years resolution: quit smoking for real. So far so good.

And I think the Gay Lawyers Club was probably accurate in their assessment of you. But then, my opinion of you based on your blog is probably about as accurate as theirs based on a drunken evening... that is to say, it's limited in scope.

Whatever. Happy New Year, Red.

Redhead said...

mcb: Most people work the day after New Years so quit yer bitchin. As for commenting less - yeah, that isn't happening.

rs27: Seriously dude, you have a weird obsession with Big Daddy. As for the similaries between the Gay Lawyers...not so much. There was no making out in front of me (they weren't with their significant others), none of them were still in their suits, and (while I didn't see the movie lawyers dance, I will still say...) they were better dancers than the Big Daddy guys.

tk: Yeah, the quitting smoking thing - it totally sucks. The problem: Smoking is enjoyable! It makes you (or me at least) happy. But, um...good luck with that!

Hmmm, so you're psychoanalyzing me too? OK, but can you do it while the room is spinning around you and your fighting to form coherent words and sentences? I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

I did the same thing on a walk one time while in Vancouver, BC. There was a freak snow fall one December and I was coming home from a party. I just ambled home (or was it stumbled) while this light snow fell all around. It was also about 3am and no one was around. It was just this amazingly serene moment. I'll always remember it.

And drunken gay psycho-analyzing? That sounds like a pitch for a new FOX sit-com.

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

a stroll in the rain in nyc, sounds very romantic and movie like.

are you sure you weren't doing a commercial for birth control pills or something?

i mean you said you didn't remember much from the night.

ThirtySomething Kat said...

I totally agree on the NYE thing - it's amateur night and in years past I avoided it like the plague. the last few years, I have ventured out and have really had fun. The key is to surround yourself with a good group of friends/family (preferably not too large) and to NOT go to the bars that are charging outrageous covers. You need to find cute, fun little joints that aren't going to be too crowded but still fun. Though this sounds like a big task, it's not too bad. Most people don't enjoy being pushed and spilled on and therefore stay it's actually kind of fun!

This is the first year I actually FORGOT to make a resolution - and also the first year I got the midnight kiss that was AWESOME. YAY!

Bella said...

Oh to live in the city!

I'm jealous.

You're life is way more fun than mine.

I worked New Years.

:) Bella