Friday, March 7, 2008

Not a Real Post

So I'm running the weekly production meeting at work this morning, and it was about as close to a train wreck as anything I've ever seen (although admittedly, I've never technically seen a REAL trainwreck). The information I had, no one wanted. The questions that were asked, I didn't have satisfactory answers for. The papers I asked my assistant to print out, somehow didn't make it into the meeting. The questions I asked, nobody deigned to answer. And overall it was just...well, it wasn't anything good. So imagine my surprise when I'm gathering my stuff afterwards, and my boss turns to me:

Boss: I thought that went really well.
Redhead: Are you kidding?
Boss: Not at all. You really held your own in there.
Redhead: It was a bloodbath!
Boss: You did a good job.

Anyway, yeah - I'm pretty sure my boss has lost her mind (or she's on drugs). But on the plus side, maybe she won't notice if I leave early today. Or at the very least she'll share the drugs.


mcbias said...

Wow, I have so been there before. You know what this means though Red, right? It means you're a champion improviser, at least where your boss is concerned. That's priceless--I'm envious!

On the more serious side--maybe you understood the main issues more than anyone in the room, and so they had no idea how poor your answers really were? ha. There's a chance of that too. But hey, that's another good thing, right?

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