Monday, June 9, 2008

For All the Ladies (And Some Men) Reading

A quick confession: I love soccer. I can't help myself, soccer (or as they call it everywhere else in the world, football) is an amazing sport. A family favorite, I have sat through - and played in - MANY games throughout my life; the sheer athleticism required to play well never ceases to stagger and impress me. And when you add to that the sheer deliciousness of the men who choose to play the sport (seriously, I have no idea what it is about soccer that draws the hotties, but I long ago embraced the fact that it does) fact, my longest and most serious sports crush belongs to a soccer player - Paolo Maldini. I fucking tried to learn Italian because of him! (I met him in real life while in high school, and I full-on panted at first sight...and I wasn't the only female with that reaction.)

Anyway, that was really a long lead-in to saying the Euro Championships are going on right now, and look - hot guys EVERYWHERE! And in honor of the hottest of the hot (seriously, no other word but 'perfect' - physically at least - can be used to describe this man), I give you Cristiano Ronaldo. Yes, he's a pretty boy metrosexual and in so many ways NOT my type, but still...I'm only human people. I'm not BLIND! I mean, good fucking GOD would you look at him without his shirt on?! I just...I just...nope, I can't even form sentences right now. good soccer's going on right now. You should watch. Whether for the men or the actual sport (I don't judge); because lord knows I'm going to be mesmerized by both.


Your Girlfriend is Ugly said...

Soccer was always that one sport I wish I were good at! I played when I was a small child and for some reason I was made to be goalie. I was always more interested in the dandelions than stopping the ball with my entire body which frankly, at the age of 6, looked like it hurt like a mofo.

The hot guy thing I totally get though. They always have really good hair that falls all sexy in their eyes and don't get me started on their sinewy bodies...scrumpsh!

MCBias said...

Is this a good place to mention that I was co-captain of my high school soccer team? I think it is, ha.

Redhead said...

ygiu: I'm sorry, I'm not even listening at this point. I can honestly say that I've come to my own blog more today than I ever have in the past. Is anyone else here just mesmerized by this picture? I think my tongue is hanging out...

mcb: If you say you look like this without your shirt on, I might just be willing to meet you.

SocialTyrant said...

That man is an adonis!

I suddenly have a strong and passionate interest in soccer!

MCBias said...

haha, ok, but only if you look like this:

Now if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to my sit-ups--200, 201...j/k

Anonymous said...

Wait a sec.

Is this like the FIRST pic to ever be posted on I'm Always Right???

This may be a historical moment here.

=) Bella

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

did anybody else see the "v" on that man? is anyone else wanting to rub their face on his wash board anyone else totally sad that i would never in a million years have a chance in hell with him?


Redhead said...

socialtyrant: I understand the urge, trust me.

mcb: You're such a dork.

bella: Nah, I used to post pictures fairly often, and then I decided...I don't know, that it was too much effort maybe? (God I'm lazy.) But sometimes there are pictures that just need to be shared with the universe. Enter Cristiano Ronaldo.

dotm: I want to rub my face all over him - oh, and reality should have no place in fantasies.