Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Um…So I Should Write Something

I’m sitting here, contemplating showering and getting dressed while watching The Princess Bride (GREAT movie), and it’s occurred to me that I should throw up a post for you guys. Sooo…yeah. What to write about?

-My cat’s going to be PISSED when I leave for work next week. I’m expecting mass destruction in the Apartment de la Redhead come Monday.

-My older nephew has recently found that my younger nephew annoys him. He has dealt with this realization by hitting and kicking his 8 month old brother as a way of ‘expressing’ himself. Naturally, his father – my brother – is horrified by this. He is concerned that his son may not be as perfect as we had all assumed. My take on it – welcome to having a sibling. Hey bro, remember that time you grabbed me by the ankles and proceeded to walk up the stairs, banging me head on each step along the way? Exactly – calm down, siblings fight. Now having said that…um, try not to leave the two of them alone together for the next couple of years. Just in case.

-Christine’s out! She moved into her new place yesterday, and let me tell you it’s a good thing she did. As my mother said when I called her ranting a couple of days ago, it seems I’ve reached my limit. We were about 2 days away from a possible friendship ending fight. So cool – now I just have to avoid her for the next month (I need some serious time off to decompress).

-What do I want to be for Halloween? I have a big party that I’m going to, and I can’t figure out what to dress up as. I’m normally a half-assed costume wearer, ie. I throw on jeans and a top, then place some cat ears on my head to appease everyone. BUT, since this party is costume mandatory and I’m in need of a new boy, I feel like I have to put forth some effort this year. The problem is, most women’s costumes are, well…slutty. And I’m not into the whole obvious desperation/trying too hard thing. At the same time, I want to look attractive. End result: I have NO ideas. Help me?

-Hold on – I have to run out and get a Red Bull and a coffee. Be right back.

Ahhhh, so much better. Where was I?

-So I made an appointment at my salon for tomorrow – I’m getting highlights! That’s right, I have all this money leftover from my severance, and I’ve decided to use just a little bit of it to pamper myself. And that means Redhead’s red head is getting a bit lighter. I’m very excited.

-Does Starbucks have to put so much ice in their iced drinks? Jesus, I just spent $4 on a cup of ice and a splash of coffee. The worse part is I’ll do the same thing tomorrow.

-How ‘bout them Rockies? Damn, I’m actually getting into the postseason without the Yankees being there (a miracle).

-Did you guys read that Post piece about Jeter? I laughed my ass off at that one.

Alright, I need to go shopping guys – which means I need to cleanse. Talk to you later.


Mr. Thursday said...

Could always go for the Jessica Rabbit look, ya know.

MCBias said...

Hmm...the problem with most outfits is that they are rather uncomfortable as well. How about going as a sideline reporter for a game? You wouldn't have to dress really sexy, and as well lots of guys think sideline reporters are sexy. So wear a headset, get a microphone, get a fake press pass to wear around your neck, and use that as an excuse to interview the hot guys at the party about an imaginary game. So now you stand out from the girls who dress sexy but then just stand around and hope to be noticed. Of course, this is the guy who tried dressing up as a sports-playing nerd for Halloween (goggles, knee pads, weights, old high school uniform, etc.), so I'm not exactly the best source of ideas.

onthevirg said...

Here's a couple, which admittedly, are hardly original:
Pippi Longstocking
Ariel the Mermaid
Raggedy Ann/Andy
Poison Ivy from Batman (yes I'm a nerd)

There's a few anyway and the only real "sexy" one would be Poison Ivy, unless you wanted to tramp up the other ones.

Good to hear that Christine made it out before they found her body in swamp somewhere 10 months later.

Anonymous said...

The sideline reporter idea is a really good one. Watch some football this weekend and get some ideas about what to wear or who you could be. Mcbias is right - most guys like female sideline reporters.

Jack Cobra said...

I agree, the sideline reporter is a winner. Nice work MCBias...

Redhead said...

mr. thursday: I don't think I own a Jessica Rabbit dress, and I don't really want to buy one. Any other suggestions?

mcbias: You carried around weights all night? That must have sucked. Hmmm, where does someone find a headset?

onthevirg: Ah, you're a TOTAL nerd! Awesome. (Oh, and I wouldn't have killed Christine - I just would have said some really, really, really BAD things.)

anon and jack: OK, but what do sideline reporters wear? We're talking sweaters and pants, right? If you guys like them so much, you should have noticed and can help me out here.

LosingIt said...

easiest non-slutty costume: morton's salt girl. throw your hair in pigtails, grab a yellow shirt, some yellow galoshes and a yellow umbrella, carry around a canister of morton's and you're good to go!

for a sluttier version, there's always the coppertone girl.

Jack Cobra said...

I doubt you need a headset. That would just confuse me. Just a microphone with an ESPN/NBC/CBS/FOX label on it. Black dress slacks/pants/whatever the hell you call them and a purple/blue/red V-neck sweater. Or you can good 'Erin Andrews' and look at pics.

Bella said...

Just want to say congratulations on the job thing and for getting your place back. Nothing could be better, right?

As for the costume...I don't know. My kids want me to be a witch. Now that's a stretch don't you think???


Anonymous said...

Just ask for "light ice" when ordering SBUX****