Monday, October 29, 2007

Let’s Talk Random...Again

-I MAY have inadvertently flirted with a guy from work on Friday night. You see, I went out for drinks with a few people from the office after work on Friday (before running home to change for my Halloween party), and… I don’t know – I found myself walking to the subway with this guy from the office. And he was cute, I’d had a couple of cocktails, and I was in a generally good mood (thanks to the fact that I’d lived through my first week). So I was chatty. And MAYBE a little touchy-feely. I don’t know. Anyway long story short, he was practically stalking me in the office today. Shit.

-So it turns out that my assistant had quit (note: BEFORE I ever started work) because she got into a fight with my boss (it’s amazing the things that come out after a few drinks). My thoughts on the whole thing: I don’t really care. I mean, I care that I now have to spend time interviewing someone new during my first few weeks on the job, but I don’t care that my boss inspired someone to quit. Why? Well, because I got the story out of the girl (my ex-assistant), and it really didn’t sound like that big of a deal – sounded to me like the assistant overreacted actually. After all, who doesn’t get into it every once in a while at the office with someone? And how sensitive do you have to be to quit over one fight? I’d understand it if it was a regular occurrence, but what the fuck? ONE fight? Isn’t that par for the course? I don’t know, you guys tell me – am I looking at this the wrong way? Was the last place I worked such a war zone that nothing shocks me anymore? Is one fight with the boss really that big of a deal?

-It’s fucking cold in New York City today. I love it.

-I don’t want to talk about the Red Sox, I don’t want to talk about A-Rod (what a douche – could his timing have been more inappropriate?), and I don’t want to talk about the Halloween party (let’s just say I attended with Christine – yeah, exactly).

-My sister got back together with her asshole ex-boyfriend and has told everyone except me – according to my mother she’s afraid of what I’ll say. Am I scary? Wait, don’t answer that. My game plan right now is to badmouth him every chance I get until she either a) breaks down and tells me or b) breaks up with him (out of shame). Good plan?

-Simon and Garfunkel Live in Central Park – this is my new iPod addition. It’s good shit.

-Someone mentioned one of my ex-boyfriends over the weekend and it got me thinking about him. My top five thoughts concerning him were: 1) He introduced me to Sublime, so that’s good. 2) He was always late and to this day I will dump a guy if he makes me wait for him – that’s both good and bad. 3) He flew halfway across the country to see me when I told him during a phone conversation that I never wanted to speak to him again, and when he got here I refused to see him – that was funny. 4) His mother kept in touch with me for a year after we broke up – that means I’m lovable. 5) He is now married to a stripper and is living in some bumblefuck town in Georgia – that shows I have TERRIBLE taste in men.

-So I’ve decided to go back to my non-dating stance from before I was fired. As it turns out I don’t need a sugar daddy – I have a ton of severance left over and my new job is paying me WAY more than my old job. This means I now have the freedom to take a step back and actually try to figure out what I want from the men in my life. So far I don’t have much – any thoughts out there?

-Hey, you guys never told me how you felt about Redhead’s Book Club (besides McBias – yes, I know you didn’t like it McB). What was the final call on that? Because I’ve got another whopper.

Speaking of which, I’m giving you guys control over my next post; do you want a) a book club entry, b) the story of the time I let my sister cut my hair, or c) the story of how the song Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon mirrored my life (yes, the story is about what you might think it is). You guys vote and get back to me.


Bella said...

I'll probably be the only one voting on the hair cut story. Then again, I am a girl...

"bumblefuck town in Georgia"...I can sooooo relate to that statement.


ThirtySomething Kat said...

I think every girl has an ex-boyfriend that ends up with a stripper....wait...what, no? Well, I I like to think lots of others do too.'s a killer. Yikes!

I think the story about how your life mirrored the song "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" sounds good...

Jack Cobra said...

anything but a return to the book club....anything

TK said...

Which book club are we talking about? The creepy hardcore bodice-ripper one? I could be up for that. Hell, you've obviously got some material to post (for once), so just do 'em all on separate days.

[I'm doing everything in my power to not talk about it even though I reeeeeeally want to.]

Redhead said...

bella: Oops, are you from bumblefuck Georgia? Have I offended you?

thirtysomething kat: We're an exclusive club, the Had the Poor Taste to Date a Guy Who Would Marry a Stripper club. Just NOT a club I ever actually wanted to be in, but...ah well.

jack: Pussy.

tk: Yup, the creepy hardcore bodice ripper book club - is that what you're actually voting for? TK, I had no idea you were such a stud! I'm impressed. (Oh, and YOU commenting on ME not often having enough material to post - pot, meet kettle.)

Ugh, fine - go ahead and gloat. I am giving you this ONE chance to let it all out on my blog, so I suggest you take advantage of it. (Damn I'm nice.)

onthevirg said...

Hey cool, I vot...Zzzzzzzzz.

That's the best stuff you've got so far? At least you could promise us some interview stories or something juicy from the new office.

BTW, way to go on getting yourself a stalker. Nice work. Say hello to your next sexual harassment incident.

Anonymous said...

I choose . . . book club. I have enough hair cutting stories from my wife to last me a lifetime.

Redhead said...

virg: Still a smartass. Look, I only see the resumes hr chooses to send up to me - and we're talking an assistant here; experience is not a huge necessity, I just want someone smart who will work hard...oh right. OK yeah, I probably will have some good interview stories for you in a week or so. Stay tuned for that. But in the meantime...

anon: I'll admit it, I didn't actually think anyone would vote for the book club. So far that's the one that's winning. Hmmm.

rs27 said...

Whats the book club? Do I have to go back and read other posts?

I got in regular fights with my boss at my previous job. Hence I quit. That place sucked. Now I work in the same building, two floors up.

Good Times.

I vote for Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon unless its about puberty because then I may not be as interested.

Anonymous said...

No chance for another inadvertent nudity/flashing story, huh? Oh, well. I vote for book club. I need to get my mind out of the gutter.

Redhead said...

rs27 and giveemhellharry: Ah, you two are new here - my book clubs are not...g-rated. Hell, they're not even r-rated; we're talking I came across a book that shocked even me (not easy to do), and I felt the need to share. In other words harry, the gutter would be a step up from what I would be presenting to your mind.

I'm going the link to my last book club entry in the post in a couple minutes - check back and then place your votes.

MCBias said...

Hey, hey, there were several of us who didn't like the book club idea, if you go back to the original post. I know I'm always in your thoughts :-p, but really, no need to make it so obvious.

You know, that's a good point about not reacting so strongly to fights with the boss. I'll remember that when my boss vivisects me next week for my work on this latest project.

Don't Christine and your sister have kind of the same set of problems? Just mentioning that as an outsider. Perhaps you should introduce them to each other.

What do you want out of the men in your life? Integrity, loyalty, willingness to change and be flexible without being totally a wuss, and, last but certainly not least, sexual attraction. That's about it. The intellectual/social stuff you can get from your girlfriends anyways, so I would worry less about that. I have more advice too, but it'll cost you, now that I know you can pay for it, ha.

Redhead said...

How did I know you were going to freak out about this? Look, if everyone else votes for a book club entry, I have to listen to the masses - I'm sorry. Just...try not to be so damn sensitive. (Oh, and it might have been a good idea to actually vote for something else.)

Christine and my sister may sound similar on paper, but they're very, very different. Having said that, you can feel free to say negative things about Christine (I think we all know I'm for that right now), but don't even consider saying anything negative about my sister here. Just a friendly warning.

Hmmm, you make it sound like it's easy to find loyal, strong, hot men with integrity. Um...what world do you live in? Because in my world those guys don't actually exist.

onthevirg said...

Just in case I forgot to mention it in my earlier comment, I vote for stories of your "experimental" stage in college?

What? That wasn't one of the choices? I say if I can get enough people on the bandwagon, it should be.

Jack Cobra said...

I vote that I'd rather see a topless picture of your Super than another Book Club entry. that's just my opinion and now I've voted twice...which I'm guessing is legal here, no?

rs27 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
rs27 said...

True Story

A guy we played flag football with is actually one of the major coverboys for romance novels.

That being said, I vote for anything thats not book club.

First rule of Book Club

1.No More Book Club.

MCBias said...

I only vote against things, not for things. You already know my vote is no more book club (thanks rs27 and jack cobra for agreeing). Fine, how about your sister cutting your hair?

And of course there are no such men in your world; you live in New York City! I know, I know, always with the East Coast Bias here. But look, the East Coast is filled with hot, smart, hard-working people...who would run you over for a buck. That's why East Coasters take so long to find the right person; you can't trust anyone. That's my biased opinion, which is completely unfair and geographist, ha. Also, where are you looking? See, a lot of the good guys I know work a lot or work bland jobs as engineers or accountants or what not. So they're not really out and about that much.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I stand corrected. It's going to be tough to get that out of my head. I need a shower. I am changing my vote to the haircut story. Unclean, Unclean!

Redhead said...

virg: I already told you I don't do girls - never did. My experimental work was always done with men...and now I forgot what my argument was. What did you have in mind?

jack: Really jack, don't sugarcoat for me - I can take it. (Oh, and voting twice is OF COURSE allowed here.)

rs27: Yeah, I kind of had the feeling you would change your mind once you knew what I was really talking about. (And rs27 - just between the two of us - can you get me a picture of this flag football guy? I'll settle for a cell phone pic.)

mcbias: Wow, those of you who don't want the book club REALLY don't want it - I'll take that into account.

As for everything else - where the hell did that come from? Are you totally talking out of your ass there or did you actually mean that? It's not like I'm dating models and actors here (the last thing I need is an "artist") - I date lawyers, guys in finance, etc.

harry: Wimp.

MCBias said...

Part about East Coast people was just me being mean for fun. I was on the East Coast for work one summer, really liked most of the people...but couldn't believe how many smart jerks the East Coast seems to produce. Some sharp office politics there. So any time I see an opportunity to rag on the East Coast (from Maine to Maryland is East Coast to me), I joyfully go for the jugular.

But I do mean the part about some of the best guys working uninteresting jobs or not necessarily being out and about. What's so crazy about that? You're touchy today. It seems like you know it anyway, if you're dating lawyers, guys in finance, etc.

Bella said...

No, I live in bumblefuck Alabama (notice I didn't say I was from Alabama...just live here)and I take no me.


Bella said...

OK Redhead, as much as I hate to do it, you've been tagged. Check my blog for details.

If I said I was offended by the whole bumblefuck comment would you do it?

:) Bella

Redhead said...

mcb: I'm not touchy! Dick. No but seriously, I know ALL the rules when it comes to guys. I date perfectly acceptable men - I just never want to see them again after a month or two. This seems to be (gulp) my problem and not theirs. BUT, on the plus side, I'm now going to take time out to fix myself. Hopefully.

bella: I didn't even know what tagged was until I went to your blog (I'm a bad blogger). are the rules here? I give 7 facts about myself, and then I tag 7 more people/blogs? Since I don't actually read that many (work, life, etc.), is it okay if I pick people who have been tagged before? And how do I know if they've been tagged before?

Oh, and everyone who reads and comments on this blog - yeah, just so you know you're all about to be tagged.

TK said...

Jesus, this thing blew up while I wasn't looking.

Anyway. I shall not gloat, because I am a nice person (*cough*). But I will say this:

It tastes pretty fuckin' sweet.