Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Quickie

OK, I’m not putting up a real post today. Why? Because I’m fucking tired and wish I was outside right now, that’s why. BUT, I am in a giving mood, so here’s a quick story:

I’m sitting on the train this morning on my way to work – completely zoned out as usual – when this guy sits down beside me. I give him a quick glance and decide he’s cute, but at 8 in the morning I don’t really care. So I settle back into listening to my iPod and trying to read my book.

Then, two stops later, he turns to me and says, “I’m sorry, I don’t know if people actually do this, but I just wanted to tell you that you’re gorgeous.”

Um, OK. This got my attention. I turned and gave him a more thorough once over, and came to a conclusion – definitely cute, nice body, but not a chance in hell. I mean, he was wearing sunglasses. On the train. We were fucking underground for christ’s sake! Talk about a pet peeve of mine. (If you’re not the Blues Brothers, you can’t be wearing sunglasses anywhere but outside – during the day.)

So I smiled, said thanks, and then looked away. Which makes me a bitch (which we already knew), but I really think it was my only choice. After all, I’m not giving my phone number to a stranger on the train no matter what (probably). This was a no win situation for him. Yet still he did it. And I appreciated the effort – it WAS nice to hear.

In fact, it kind of made my morning. It’s always great to get a compliment – especially from a good looking guy. And I think guys out there should know that. Even if nothing comes of it, giving a woman a compliment (and just leaving it at that – the woman will let you know if she wants to continue the conversation) is always a nice thing to do. It makes her day. And that’s good karma for the man.

Food for thought. Happy Tuesday.


onthevirg said...

He deserved the at least the brush off if not a physical beating. Can't stand people that do that. I once saw a guy sitting in a movie theater wearing shades for chrissakes. What a douchebag.

Wes said...

I guess you both made out on that deal. The compliment made your morning and he gets some good karma. Maybe someone will come along and tip him off about those sunglasses.

How's your karma doing?

Redhead said...

wes: My karma has been taking a beating for years - but I hold out hope the powers that be have a sense of humor. How's your karma doing?

onthevirg: It really was unfortunate, because he would have looked so good without the sunglasses -such a pet peeve of mine. BUT, he did make my morning, so I can't call him a total douchebag.

Jez said...

Did you ever think that maybe he got some caustic in his eye during an industrial accident, so he has to wear the sunglasses because any kind of light is painful?

Fucking insensitive bastards...

Redhead said...

Hey, I never said I was sensitive. And if he did have some hideous industrial eye-related accident, I expect him to wear an eye patch like a real man! Pussy.

Jez said...

Eh, you got me there.