Monday, November 12, 2007

I Had A Weekend…Yup. I Did.

Sorry it’s been a little while guys – my new job requires me to spend A LOT of time in meetings. A lot. Of time.

Anyway, I’m traveling for business tomorrow and Wednesday (I’ll try to check in here if I can), but in the meantime I wanted to give you a very quick update on things:

-Went to a Single’s Party on Friday night – met no one interesting. Started to drink.

-Met up with Christine after the single’s party and went to a bar we both love (GREAT martinis) to celebrate her b-day. Continued drinking.

-Sat next to a guy at the bar while we waited for a table…proceeded to flirt. Let him buy me more drinks. Started to get into him, then…

-Our table was ready. Since it was Christine’s night (her b-day after all), AND I had blown her off earlier to go to that Single’s Party (I didn’t invite her – yes, I’m a bad friend), I felt obligated to leave the cutie at the bar and go actually hang out with my friend.

-Drank some more.

-Ate cheese fries – who actually eats those?! I mean, besides me and Christine when we’re both smashed.

-Drank some more.

-Had a moment where I actually stopped (in my whirling, fuzzy haze) and thought ‘Oh shit. I’m REALLY fucked up.’

-Looked at Christine and said, ‘I need to go outside and get some air. Here’s my credit card – you don’t pay for ANYTHING tonight!’ (Note: A HUGE clue that I was FUCKING DEMOLISHED at that point – I handed my credit card over to my unemployed friend and told her to use it.)

-Walked outside and literally just stood in the rain (note: REALLY good for my hair and makeup) trying to sober up a little bit. Was considering how badly I needed to throw up when Hottie from the Bar wandered outside to find me.

-Woke up the next morning in my apartment, feeling like I was going to die. I was alone. (It’s always a bad thing when you need to call the person you were out with the night before to ask how you got home.)

-Turns out Christine paid the bill (with my credit card), came outside to find me, realized I was ‘chatting up Hottie Bar Guy – looking surprisingly sober,’ and so went back inside to watch…whatever football game was on in the bar.

-A little while later I reappeared with Hottie Bar Guy, seemingly to watch the game, and I very discreetly (I’m sure) leaned in and whispered something along the lines of ‘you need to get me out of here before I embarrass myself’ to Christine. She got me out of there.

-Apparently I did get Hottie Bar Guy’s number (I can’t find it), his name (I can’t remember it), and my credit card (THAT I found) before leaving. All things considered, one out of three (especially that one out of three) ain’t bad, so I’m pretty psyched.

-Saturday consisted of me praying to die (hangover from hell) and sleeping. Sunday I cleaned my apartment. Hmmm, it was a boring weekend actually. What about you guys – do anything interesting?

-On a side note – Christine is a freak of nature. She drinks just like I do, gets drunk just like I do, and yet NEVER throws up and never gets a hangover. Have you people ever heard of this phenomenon before? What the fuck – if this isn’t a prime example of life not being fair, I don’t know what is.


Anonymous said...

MMMM, Cheese Fries! Unfortunately, since my cholesterol numbers are approaching my SAT scores, they have now become the forbidden fruit. As far as I'm concerned, one good night with a two day recovery means it was a hell of a weekend.

rs27 said...

How did he go from cute to hot in 5 bullet points? Thats a big jump to make. Did he get taller or something?

onthevirg said...

Fantastic work there drunkard. You make the rest of the tribe proud.

Do you consider doing tons of homework exciting? Cause that's all I did.

Redhead said...

harry: I'm always complimented on my cholesterol...which makes no sense actually since I basically subsist on crap.

rs27: Nope, I just got drunker (didn't you read the post?).

virg: Why thank you! Ah, homework - I've been there my friend (it's called college). Actually, I was pretty awesome at the whole school thing (wish I could go back); if you ever need any tips, I'm here for ya.

TK said...

I haven't thrown up from a hangover in over ten years. In fact, I rarely get a hangover that a big breakfast can't cure. I dunno. Maybe it's genetic.

Sounds like a fun little bender there. Nice work.

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

i have a friend like that. 5 to 6 pitchers (48oz) a night plus two to three shots of SoCo. this is 7 days a week. and he never vomits and goes to work and performs like a champ, works out for an hour during his lunch.

some ppl sucks

Jack Cobra said...

diarrhea...i believe your friend is an alcoholic

Jez said...

I didn't get hangovers until I turned 30, and then I would get them from drinking only 1 beer. I try to get a bit more sober and drink a lot of water before sleeping. Seems to work 90% of the time.

And two 6-year old birthday parties this weekend. Yee-ha!

Redhead said...

Seriously guys, I just took the time to respond to all of you individually, and my computer just FUCKING ATE IT. That's it - I got up at 4:30 in the goddamn morning yesterday to get to the airport, I'm still fucking exhausted, and I can't deal with replying to all of you again right now (I have to now go, collect myself, and be professional). In the meantime...

fuck...I need some sleep.

rs27 said...

I can't read.

MCBias said...

When you get a chance, check out;I think a "Redhead Review" of the series might be quite interesting.

Anyway, I played 2-2 volleyball for two hours on Friday, loved it...and spent the rest of my weekend crawling around like Gollum in Lord of the Rings. My knees/shoulders just weren't used to it.