Friday, November 2, 2007

I Have No Excuse

Yeah, I keep meaning to write that post about my bad haircut (note: How the hell did THAT win the vote? I had to stop myself from writing about the time I lost my virginity – the Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon option – by systematically reminding myself that it wouldn’t be very sporting to ignore my readers’ wants and needs), but…

Wait, what was I talking about again? Oh yeah – the fact that I’m too lazy to write the post I promised you. So…yeah…let’s just go with my comments on random pop culture stuff today:

-Katie Holmes might be pregnant again – to this I say: Who gives a fuck? Her husband is an asshole and she seems to have no personality. In fact, it seems like the only thing that makes these people even remotely interesting is that they have a lot of money and look good; hell, if people like that fascinated me I’d start going to places like Butter every weekend and at least get to see them all firsthand. Instead I choose to hang out at my corner pub and try not to become a complete and total douchebag.

-Britney Spears is a flaming fucking idiot. To call her a freak would be an insult to freaks everywhere. That is all.

-Ice-T’s wife - holy…shit!

-Look, you never know what’s going on in another person’s life, so oftentimes it’s hard to pass judgment (or so I’ve been told – I’ve never had much of a problem with it). But having said all that – Andy Reid’s fucked up as a father and needs to leave his job so he can take care of his family. I’m sorry, I’m not saying I’m blaming him entirely for his kids being fuckups (I don’t think), but let’s be serious here – something’s epically wrong in the Reid household, and at least some doubt has to be cast on the parents. Put in the simplest terms imaginable: Whatever Reid and his wife have been doing in the past hasn’t been working, so…try something else dipshits!

Note: If you’ve allowed your house to deteriorate to such an extent that a judge characterizes it as a “drug emporium,” it may be time to keep a better eye on things – because that shit doesn’t happen overnight.

-I worship Russell Crowe and will go see any movie he’s in – the fact that his latest, American Gangster, also stars Denzel Washington, is just icing on the cake. So guess what I’m doing this weekend?

And finally, a random observation – I decided to mix things up a bit this morning at Starbucks and ordered a Skim Mocha; it’s a totally girly drink and I felt like a asshole for ordering it (I’m a black coffee drinker normally), but…it was so yummy. Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.

Have a great weekend everybody. Haircut story on Monday, I promise!


rs27 said...

Andy Reid- whats he going to do exactly when he goes home? Both kids are in jail, not like he's going to be able to have a "talk". If the Eagles want him to coach he should coach.

Black Coffee? For real? Only my dad drinks that..

Once you go black and so on..

onthevirg said...

HOLY SHIT! Seriously? The haircut story won!? Does it matter that me requesting lesbian stories should have counted for the losing your virginity vote at all? I demand a recount. Ghezus.

I'm inclined to think of Spears as more of a retard than an idiot. She's beyond stupid.

Wow...Ice-T's lady has some booty on her.

Mr. Thursday said...

Andy Reid's "kids" are adults. Even if they weren't in jail, they get the blame for their own behavior. They're not in high school, kids with curfews and homework and all that. They get all their own blame.

When you see American Gangster, try not to look at the top of the screen. The boom mike is visible just about the entire movie.

Erin said...

Mr. Thursday,

There's a pretty good chance you saw the movie in a theatre that didn't have the shot framed properly for its screen. The print itself is always bigger than the screen, and must be framed at the theatre so that you don't see what they don't want you to see at the top. I bet the bottom part of the screen was cut off ever so slightly as a result. It's the projectionist's problem, not a problem with the film itself.

Anonymous said...

How does one make the leap from freak to eccentric? Don't get me wrong, all of the people you mention in this post are pretty much freaks (except for Russell Crowe). What would they have to do, though, to make the switch to eccentric? I've tried making the transition but only made it to douche bag.