Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A Bunch of Randomness

-My microwave started shooting sparks at me yesterday. Naturally I turned it off and went without dinner. I’m putting the over/under at a week before I actually get off my ass and call my super.

-Just tried something called Chocolate Flavored Tea – tastes nothing like chocolate but a lot like coconut (surprisingly AND illogically). But since coconut is one of my favorite smells/foods, I’m not complaining. Have been steadily overdosing on it ever since.

-That new show on ABC – October Road – seems pretty stupid, but the guy who plays Eddie on it is all kinds of scrumptious. I’m thinking he’ll be enough to keep me tuning in for the next few weeks.

-Every once in a while I come across a song I haven’t heard in a long time but love. Why did I forget about the song? Who knows – I’m just glad to have it back. This week’s new/old find: Brass Monkey.

-My brother has somehow taught his son to call him Main Man instead of Dad (my nephew isn’t even two yet). If you knew my brother, you wouldn’t be surprised.

-If Carl Pavano pitches the season opener for the Yankees, I’m officially concerned about this year.

-One of the main selling points (for me) on relationships is the concept of the free massage. I’m not in a relationship right now, and my back is killing me.

-Land turtles can live without food for about a month. (I’m full of crap like this.)

-I never call my friends back right away – generally it takes me about a week to return a call. Does this make me a bad friend?

-Question: How long does it take to write captions for every photo in a 64 page nonfiction book? Answer: Approximately 2 hours.

-The movie She’s the Man is unadulterated cheesy goodness. I don’t have one (female) friend who didn’t secretly love it. I don’t know one man who’s seen it. Two thumbs up.

-I get kind of embarrassed when I’m reading a book on the subway and all of a sudden there’s a sex scene. It’s like being caught with porn. I inevitably turn bright red and stop to contemplate whether I should just wait until I get home to continue reading. I call these my wuss moments.

-I have to say that the fictional childhood character I related to most was Oscar the Grouch. Is that weird?

-Why do women take breast shots and use those for their blog/profile photos? How does that seem like a good idea? I REALLY don’t want to come across like a feminazi, but what the fuck?

-If I carry cash I immediately spend it – doesn’t matter how much it is. $20…gone. $80…gone. $200…gone. That’s why I generally have about 75 cents on me. I’m not lying to the homeless guy when I say I have no money to spare.

-Dogs (and dog people) are cooler than cats (and cat people). I have a cat and even I know this.

-And finally, a warning:
The overhead lights in my apartment are actually in these really beautiful ceiling fixtures, which is great from a visual standpoint. Plus, the ceilings in my apartment are really high. Also good. But a problem arises when the lightbulbs need to be changed. Especially the ones in my bedroom. You see, the fixture is right over my bed, which means I can’t really use a ladder to get to it (not that I even own a ladder). So what I do is stack books on my bed and try to balance on them as I unscrew the heavy crystal fixture, unscrew the lightbulbs, screw in new ones, and then attempt to reattach the fixture. Needless to say, I’m not standing on a stable base. And I’m really high up at that point. It takes MANY books for me to be able to reach (and I’m 5’8) – plus my bed is already on these pretty wooden blocks. To top that off, I’m kind of afraid of heights. Basically, it’s dangerous and I’ve almost fallen several times. And tonight I will attempt the great lightbulb swap again. So, um…if you don’t hear from me for a while, now you’ll know why.


inowpronounceyou said...

Pavano starting on opening day is like having Christmas at South Park Kenny's house...yeah, it's still Christmas but...ugh.

Redhead said...

Yeah, and opening day is going to be at Yankees Stadium. I can't wait to see how he's welcomed.

I say he goes down with a groin injury in the second inning - after he gives up a few runs in the first.

onthevirg said...

That was an impressive display of random, useless trivia(?) spouted forth.
I put the over/under on home games until Pavano is beaten to death @ 3. At this point w/ all the pussy injuries he's used as an excuse to steal money from the Yankees, his arm needs to actually fall off before someone's gonna by his crap.

Wes said...

I've seen pictures of Pavano's girlfriend. I'm surprised that he doesn't already have a groin injury. How long until they have to call up Hughes?

I'd have to agree with you about October Road. I'll be watching for Laura Prepon, though.

Good luck changing those bulbs. I suggest a helmet and plenty of padding.

Redhead said...

onthevirg: No one does random like I can. As for Pavano, you're being too kind. I don't see him making it through two games, and I hope his arm actually does fall off - at least then I'd believe he was really hurt.

wes: Pavano's girlfriend is the perfect example of a woman just wanting to sleep with an athlete - any athlete. As for Hughes, I'd like him to spend some time at triple-A before coming up; let's hope the Boss allows Cashman to be patient.
Laura Prepon? More than the chick who's playing the college student? Really?
Amazingly, I don't have a helmet in my apartment (how did I overlook that?). However, I survived with only a few scares. There is the issue that one of the lightbulbs in the fixture had burned up and was disintigrating (into little charred glass shards all over my comforter - that was fun to clean up), and I'm thinking that's another thing to call my super about. So annoying.

Your Girlfriend is Ugly said...

Geoff Stults can DMITB...if I did that.

Go Red Sox though.

Your Girlfriend is Ugly said...

Geoff Stults can DMITB...if I did that.

Go Red Sox though.