Monday, June 4, 2007

DC Weekend

OK, so I went to DC last weekend. And it was fun – different than what I’d expected, but fun. So here’s a quick (hopefully) recap.

The drive down was fairly uneventful, and you may be surprised to hear that I managed to keep it together throughout. No complaining, and (being the bad road trip partner that I am) a lot of sleeping. Upon arriving, I dropped my stuff off at my sister’s and (because of a late start) we immediately headed out for dinner. We were meeting up with Alex, Hannah, Hannah’s boyfriend, and DC Guy in Pentagon City. (Note: Yay, military men EVERYWHERE.)

Everyone had chosen a pub that they went to often, and we immediately started pounding beers. On one TV in the corner, the Yanks game was on. Guess where I insisted we sit? Yup, we spent the whole night in that corner of the bar. And thanks to the way the game went, I even managed to remain relaxed and carefree.

Of course, conversation turned to A-Rod and his little marital slip-up, and this is where I managed to shock everyone with my c’est la vie attitude. Um, I guess I should point out that my views on cheating (when married – don’t call me a hypocrite) are pretty strict. I don’t really see gray areas on this issue – or many others now that I think about it – so after saying ‘if I were A-Rod’s wife I would have his balls in a bag right now,’ (sorry old guy sitting beside me who turned purple at that comment), I just gave the whole thing a shrug. This prompted everyone to tell me I had ‘gone soft.’ (Damn, it’s nice to be surrounded by people who know you and can call you on your bullshit. I miss having those guys around.)

Anyway, we kept the night pretty low-key. Alex and I ripped on Hannah’s boyfriend for a while (who took it really well, I’ll give him that), and then a group of us decided to stop at the new (for me at least) Air Force Memorial to check it out. It was all lit up, and the Air Force Band was there playing. Really, really cool. I do wish the memorial had more info about the Air Force (when/how it was founded, big moments in history, etc.) worked in, but I still enjoyed all the inspirational quotes they had carved into the display. All in all, it satisfied my DC memorials/monuments jones for the night.

Confession: I’m a huge dork about the memorials, monuments, museums, and history all around Washington. I seriously love them and want to see something new every time I’m down there. Essentially, I’m a total tourist and make no excuses or apologies for it.

Oh, you probably want to hear about DC guy: He’s great. Cute, as funny as he seemed on the phone, and very flirtatious. But the spark just wasn’t there. I blame myself. Much as I thought I could cheat (hey, cheating while dating is not a castrating offense, even in my book), it turns out I couldn’t. I just wouldn’t be able to respect myself in the morning. Cheating is for the weak, and I’m not weak. (Plus, NY guy is much hotter. It just wasn’t worth the loss of self-respect.)

Anyway, back to the story. So Saturday came (I hate sleeping on sofas), and we dragged our asses to Starbucks before heading out to Arlington. I wanted to see the cemetery – 90 degree weather be damned – so we got our caffeine and then got ourselves out there to walk around. For hours. I think I was literally melting by the end. But it was so amazing. I recommend it to anyone visiting DC (considering the sheer number of people who were already there, they don’t need my endorsement, but there it is). Then came showers, lunch, and the dog park for Hannah’s boyfriend’s dogs. (Two really cute mutts that make meeting guys too, too easy.)

So blah, blah, blah, then came Saturday night (we WILL NOT mention the Yanks-Sox game that yes, I did watch). We went Mexican, which basically meant lots of margaritas. I’m not sure how many I had, since we were working with pitchers, but I was pretty blasted before we headed into Georgetown and the waterfront. There we hit a bar on the water that was packed. Hannah’s boyfriend was having trouble getting the bartender’s attention, so I took over. All it takes is a low-cut shirt (check) and some leaning over the bar and making eye contact (check and check). We had our drinks within two minutes.

Anyway, from what I remember I started out talking to DC Guy, but then a cutie from the Air Force came over (have I mentioned that I LOVE all the military boys in DC), and I broke off from the group. Air Force Cutie and I talked for a while (and drank – not my fault, he kept buying them), and eventually my sister came over to check on me (got to love older sisters). It took her about three seconds to realize I was officially drunk off my ass. So what did she do? She promptly regaled everyone with Drunk Redhead stories – some you’ve heard here before, some you haven’t. (On second thought, older sisters are mean.) Everyone loved them. My pain = high comedy.

It was around this time that I was removed from Air Force Cutie’s company (probably a good thing since he was both a Lakers AND Mets fan – I couldn’t help but mock and dislike him for these loyalties), and we headed out. Bye bye Air Force Cutie.

Don’t remember much after that, but the hangover I woke up with on Sunday was epic. It made the drive back to NY more than a little painful. Upon arriving back at my apartment (and one pissed off cat), I crashed. The only reason I even came to before Monday morning was that my boyfriend (yes, I guess NY Guy is finally getting the boyfriend tag) stopped by to check on me. So sweet. Shit. Glad I didn’t cheat on him.

Note: I don’t think flirting is ever against the rules. Not only do I flirt with everyone (it’s just fun, innocent practice until significant body parts start touching, I say), but I think it keeps things interesting.

And that’s it. Overall, a fairly uneventful weekend. My liver is pissed at me, but what else is new? And I’m still a good, trustworthy girlfriend. (Shut up.) So how was everyone else’s Saturday and Sunday? Good? Anything really interesting happen?


onthevirg said...

Sounds like a pretty good weekend. And I must say I'm shocked (and impressed?) that you managed to keep your dick in your pants. Wait, that's probably not the right analogy.

Did you get to see Dougy get his clock cleaned from that game Saturday? Damn that look like it hurt. Saw it before I went to the Angels game.

Redhead said...

I did see him getting his clock cleaned - and then I saw it again, and again, and again, and again... Got to love instant replay.

And thanks, I'm pretty proud of myself too - just call me girlfriend of the year from now on.

onthevirg said...

Well...there's a LONG time left in the rest of the year. So let's not be handing out that award yet shall we?

Manny said...

Sounds like a great time, Red. I took a road trip of my own. The family and I went to Laughlin, NV to hang out at the river and a friends boat. Good times, cheap hotel, and good food. Plus, no sunburn! Hooray for SunBlock With SPF "Fuck you, Sun".

Redhead said...

onthevirg: What? No faith?

manny: Sunblock with that particular SPF is all I ever get to wear - damn fair skin.

TK said...

Well, I guess I'm proud of you for not cheating?

A good weekend, except for crappy rainy Sunday, though we saw Knocked Up which was great. Saturday was hiking with dogs, barbeques and baseball games.

Not much to complain about, except for dropping two out of three to the... well, you know who.

Redhead said...

Why yes, I do know who :)

Sure it may sound weird to congratulate a person for not cheating, but you have to keep in mind that I'm an immoral bitch most of the time. I need all the positive reinforcement I can get.

I really want to see Knocked Up - everyone I know who saw it over the weekend (which was almost everyone actually) loved it.

TK said...

I keep meaning to ask you if you saw this article. Good lord, even our reporters hate each other. I'd have given all the change on my floormats to see this.

Redhead said...

Yup, I saw it - put a huge smile on my face. On Deadspin they have a picture of the Boston manager being 'held back.' So awesome. I wish I'd been able to get drunk, go to the game, and heckle; that's my dream. (Although the fact that they got to play in Fenway does make me legitimately jealous.)