Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Quickie Update

Let’s keep this short and sweet (for a change). Here’s an update at on where things stand today:

-It seems I slept with a mosquito last night. Now the bites are itching like a bitch – one behind my left knee, one on my left wrist, two on my right ankle, and the mother of them all right between my shoulder blades – in fact, I think I just threw out a shoulder trying to scratch that last one. If I catch that little fucker in my apartment again, I’m going to kill it twice.

-I have a new commercial that makes me want to hurt someone. It’s that Avis commercial for their GPS system – the one that’s almost constantly playing on ESPN (so many of you have probably seen it). You know the one: There’s this loser driving, and the GPS automated woman comes on and tells him there’s traffic ahead. He’s then so overcome with appreciation that he begins to list everything she’s ever done for him – like finding him a great Chinese restaurant – and this all leads up to his telling the fucking COMPUTER IN HIS CAR that he’s in love with her. And, to top off the skin chilling horror, this annoying song ‘Turn Around’ comes on and plays. You know what I say to this piece of shit commercial? From now on, I will go out of my way to never use Avis and will recommend that all of my friends do the same. Advertising at its best my friends.

-Well that didn’t take long. Um, so it seems I have a crush on someone who is not my boyfriend. Now before you call me a whore (or after, whatever), let me explain. This crush is not a new thing. You see, in New York there exists this thing that I like to call a train buddy: A person who gets on the train at the same station as you, gets off the train at the same station as you, and seems to be on the same schedule as you. So, that basically means you see this person (who you’ve never spoken to and don’t really know), almost every day. And you get used to seeing them.

As it turns out, my train buddy is a hot guy. (Shocker.) And I am VERY attracted to him. (I know, I know, I need help, blah, blah, blah.) And while I still have never talked to him, I don’t really think of him as a stranger – I see him too often for that. He’s more like my own personal eye candy that I share glances of acknowledgement with every morning. But today…today, he smiled at me. And my stomach fluttered.

Now you may be thinking: A smile? Are we back in high school? Well…yup, I guess we are. Because I melted. And after all the ignoring I’ve gotten from my train buddy in the past – except for the glances of acknowledgement each morning, he’s always essentially ignored me (which intrigues me no end) – I couldn’t believe the sparks.

The story of what happened is pretty boring – we got on the same train like we always do, and we were standing on opposite sides of the car facing each another. But when I glanced up at him our eyes met, and instead of looking away he held my eyes for a long beat before giving me this shy smile. And that was all it took. I was gone. I now officially have a crush on my train buddy – it was that easy.

Now what?


TK said...

Jebus... Look, there's nothing wrong with these kind of crushes. Seriously. I have a similar thing with the cute girl who works at the Barnes and Nobles by my house (oh, man, bookstore chicks - don't get me started). Slightly-longer-than-normal looks, shy smiles, that kind of stuff. It's harmless.

As long as it starts and ends there.

That's just me. But since you've elevated whats-his-face to "boyfriend" status, I'd say that it means that train crush should remain forever thus.

Redhead said...'s not like I'm married. I can still change my mind. Right?

Anonymous said...


You better believe you can change your mind. One meets people in all different types of places and circumstances. Why should these meetings always be at bars, parties, or best friend get togethers?

If there is a connection, control it the best way within your personal boundaries. Please remember that every person that is not married or significantly attached may have those boundaries shifted on a daily basis. That rule is the essence of our search for love.

The goal is your happiness. From my short time that I became aware of this wonderful blog, you sell yourself just a little short.

Remember, you are still a free agent who has not been signed yet.

onthevirg said...

As TK said, everyone has these kind of crushes (mine's a receptionist in our office) and they're pretty much harmless. Sounds like "subway guy" is reeling someone in. If you're already thinking about moving on you must not be terribly interested in "NYC" guy after all.

Redhead said...

Anon: That may be the first time in my life anyone's ever told me I sell myself short.

onthevirg: It's not that I'm not that into NY Guy, it's just that I do this with all relationships - long term commitment tends to freak me out (I blame my college boyfriend, of course). Still, I feel a little better hearing that you and tk - both in commited relationships - seem to understand the train buddy thing.

Wes said...

Considering your stellar driving record, Avis is probably relieved by your boycott.

Was I the only one hoping that the train crush was the goofy guy with the big dick? Probably.

Redhead said...

Nice Wes! That subway comment was actually really good. And as for the Avis thing - shut up.