Thursday, June 21, 2007


Update: The dude in my office who never did anything but stare at my chest - fired! That my friends is justice (although I never actually said anything to anyone about it). So fine, let's call it karma.

Anyway, I'm feeling lazier than usual (who even thought that was possible?), and have decided to make you guys do some work for once (please, please don't let me down - I hate having to think when I don't want to).

OK, here's your job: Email/post comments stating what you want me to write about. Now it can be a question and answer thing (you ask me whatever you want - I decide if I want to answer you) or it can just be you suggesting a topic that you want my opinion on. Use your imaginations. After all, you must be curious about something - me, life, the universe, whatnot. (God knows I find myself fascinating.)

So let loose - hit me with your best shot (fire away). Fuck, that song's going to be in my head for the rest of the day now.


Manny said...

Ummm, someone mentioned something about a chest being stared at...just sayin'

Redhead said...

Dude, I've already told this story - like, twice. Are you now asking me to go back and find out when I mentioned it AND link to it in my post. I SAID I WAS FEELING LAZY!
Fine, I did it - happy now?

TK said...

Knowing Manny, he was probably looking for pictures of said chest.

Hell, don't ask me. I'm completely creatively bankrupt these days. Hence the once-per-week posts at my place.

Lozo said...

just post a picture of your chest.

Redhead said...

You all suck! These are not ideas.

TK: You need to post more often - I want to hear a drunk story from your Wisconsin days (see, I GAVE YOU an idea).

Lozo: Everyone wants to see my breasts, but I reserve that special treat for only the luckiest of men (or whoever's closest when I've had one too many scotches).

Manny said...

TK-Dude, I resent that. I want pictures of her chest AND video. And you do need to post more often. You should change your blog title to "Dusty Meat".

Redhead - Fine. Here are some "socially acceptable" topic ideas:
1. Why girls complain about their cramps when guys totally don't care cuz sometimes we have a fart stuck way up in our guts and you don't hear us compain.
2. Do the carpets match the drapes?

There, NOW can you post a picture of your chest? Cuz TK was totally emailing me all day to ask you for one. Sheesh.

onthevirg said...

I say we band together to send her some scotch. That way we get boobs. Everybody wins!

onthevirg said...

Oh and here's something semi-serious. Since we had the porn discussion (see now I'm being lazy and going for retreads), I think you need to do a poll of some of your random lady friends and get some kinda consensus on the acceptability of it. And hell, do women like it too?