Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My blog has reached an all time low - according to sitemeter, if you google "I licked her mom's old pussy" my little, INNOCENT blog comes up. To this I say 1) EWWWWW, and 2) What...the...fuck?!

Anyway, as a Tuesday present to you (my lovely readers who DON'T google weird ass shit like the above - I hope), I'm going to share some pictures that were emailed to me yesterday. This, my friends, is proof that God/Mother Nature/whatever has a kick ass sense of humor. Enjoy.

Update: Unbefuckinglievable. New google search that will bring you to my blog: Fucking my redhead sister-in-law.
I...have no words.


Bella said...

??? I don't get it?

Only kidding! Those are good!

Hope you have a good week Redhead.


TK said...

God, Redhead, grow up, would you? I mean really.

I snorted Pepsi at the third one. Good way to start a morning.

Also, if you google "pics of wife passed out" you'll get my blog. When the wife learned that... let's just say there was some explaining to do.

Also, "father trucker spank belt" will get you there. Which is just creepy. And wrong.

onthevirg said...

I especially loved the two trees doing doggy-style. That's good stuff right there. Thanks for the laugh.

glassyarddog said...

Thanks, virg, I can now quit staring at my screen wondering what the hell that picture was!

Redhead said...

Thanks bella!

tk: The third is my favorite as well. As for things that are googled to end up at your Web site - you've got nothing on me. My main problem is I have no idea what post I've written that could have fit that phrase - well, I actually also have a problem with anyone googling that phrase. Just...ew.

onthevirg: Again, great minds think alike - that one is the best.

glassyarddog: Please tell me you're joking. You knew what that looked like before virg told you - right? Right?

glassyarddog said...

I'm not kidding, Red. The damn picture looked like some kind of freaky, nature based Rorschach test to me. Just one of those brain freeze moments, I guess.

Might be time for an eye doctor visit, huh?

Redhead said...

*Shaking head in disappointment*

MsPuddin said...

LOL @ “if you google "I licked her mom's old pussy" my little, INNOCENT blog comes up.”

That penis rock is awesome! Now THERE is something your sex ed teacher can’t try and get you to put a condom over…


Redhead said...

Yeah, none of that "Don't believe it if someone says the condom is too small - they stretch A LOT." No condom is going to make it around that bad boy.