Friday, August 24, 2007

That's Life


So I kind of disappeared early yesterday - not sure if you guys noticed. The reason: I got FUCKING FIRED!!!!

Yup, if was a good day in Redhead land. Essentially it was part of a kind of mass layoff at work - at some point my company realized that it would be easier to employ lots of freelancers (no health benefits) rather than employ pesky full time staff, and they've been "trimming the fat" ever since. After dodging that particular axe for about a year, my time finally came.

It I didn't cry (still haven't), I didn't get upset, I was just...numb. It was what it was. That's life, life isn't fair, blah, blah, blah. And you know, everyone was really nice about it. My boss was upset, swore up and down that my performance was never an issue - my position had just been 'eliminated' - and she promised me oodles of recommendations. HR was also really nice as THEY promised me recommendations. In fact, as firings go (and this was my first time on the receiving end of one), it really wasn't that bad. Really the worst part was thinking about what's now ahead for me - sending out resumes (tk will be happy to know I'm very good at proofreading mine), following up with phone calls, going on interviews, worrying about when my severance is going to run out, etc. In a nutshell - job hunting SUCKS.

But whatever, enough negativity - it's not like anyone died after all. Plus, one guess what I did last night.

That's right genius readers, I drank. Christine, Linda, and some other people took me out to get drunk. (Wasn't like I had to worry about being late for work today.) Don't remember much of the night (sorry guys), but you'll be happy to know that everyone was very sympathetic and nice to me. Hell, at some point during the night I had a bartender spontaneously hug me when Linda told him what happened. Now, you guys know how I feel about hugs, right? Yeah...exactly. But it was still a nice thought.

THEN, that same bartender took it upon himself to go over to the dj booth and (I'm assuming) share my story with still more people. Why do I think he shared my story? Well, about 2 minutes after he went to the dj booth I got a shout-out from the dj himself. That's right, everyone at the bar got to hear about my day before all joining together to sing along to Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' - dedicated to Redhead of course.

Now I'm hung over, looking for a job, and kind of wondering what I want to eat. it too early for Chinese food?


Hermano said...

C'est la vie.

Looking for jobs sucks balls. Although, the act of which, can get you a job.

At least now you can devote more time to blogging and drinking.

Steve Holt!

TK said...


OK. I'll stop.

1. It's never too early for Chinese food.

2. THAT FUCKING BLOWS. I'm sorry to hear it. Jesus, you're the second blogger I know to get the axe in the last two days. Creepy.

3. You'll be fine. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, come out swingin'. And hey, if you need resume tips... you know who to call. Maybe you can start writing erotica.

glassyarddog said...

Wow, Red, that sucks. I hate to see anyone lose a job. It happened to me many moons ago, and the anguish gets to be a hard thing to deal with, but the job hunt tends to lessen the pain as you get focused on something else.

Now that you are ready to make a life change, its time to......


Seriously, though, much luck with the job hunt. I hope it turns up something even better.

Bella said...

That sucks ROYALLY. Sorry to hear that. I mean it, really. Hang in there and vent here often.

Damn layoffs...

MCBias said...

Sorry to hear that. I'll even ignore that this means more blogs for us to read, which is a good thing, ha. Seriously, hope you can find something soon, and it's good to hear that your boss and HR will help you out.

Diarrhea of the Mouth said...

take the severance pay and unemployment, enjoy some selfish me time. i did that after i got laid off at one of my job. and let me tell you--it was awesome.

chinese food rocks and good at anytime.

Redhead said...

OK, first of all everyone is being too nice to me - stop with all the "I'm sorry's." I know you mean well, but it's kind of creeping me out. Still (most of) you are very sweet - thanks guys.

hermano: Ah, thanks for reminding me that I can always resort to whoring myself for a job - gives me something to look forward to.

tk: Two bloggers so far? Hmmm, not to freak everyone out, but these things usually come in threes. I'm just saying.

glassyarddog: You know I really haven't felt anything that even comes close to anguish. Honestly, I'm really not even bummed, so either I'm in shock (which I seriously doubt), or I never really liked my job all that much (which is more likely). All things considered, I'm really only annoyed I have to do the whole job search thing. That's going to suck.

bella: Thanks. Oh, and yes, apparently I've been "laid off" (which always sounded a little dirty to me) and NOT "fired." A friend of mine was very adament about the difference today.

mcbias: Hey, congrats on The Big Lead post. As for this little blog, I'm actually worried that looking for work will take up more time than actual work did - and that would cut back on my blogging time (which yes, was mostly done while I was on the job - yet still I wasn't fired for that...weird). Anyway, I'm sure I'll have lots of stories to share in between interviewing and kissing ass...fuck, I'm so not looking forward to this.

diarrhea of the mouth: I'd love to do that, but honestly between rent, bills, and a social life, when my severance runs out, I'm fucked. Unemployment wouldn't cover jack shit. Plus, I'm not going to be able to relax without a job (I'll be too worried). I see myself finding something (hopefully soon) and then taking 2 weeks before starting to truly relax. Wow, I'm a spaz, who knew?

TK said...

Quick story to cheer you up. A group of friends and I were sitting around drinking one day, talking to my friend M, who was currently on unemployment. She was talking about how she wanted to find a job soon, and we were saying, much like DOTM, that she should milk it for a while.

My friend J says:

"Yeah, but the thing is... unemployment's great and all, but sooner or later you get tired of just playing video games, taking baths and masturbating all day."

*dead silence*


He's kind of an unusual guy.

Erin said...

I will second the thought that this would be a great opportunity to start writing your own smut!

Hermano said...

Hey, I got a couple desperate friends in the meantime. We can split the money 55-55. But, don't tell anyone, we don't want to go halfsies with them too. (Altar Egoes)

Or, they can just sob on your shoulder.

Jumpshootingfool said...

You got fired? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Didn't want to say "sorry" and creep you out.

@tk--being unemployed sounds awesome if you didn't have to do the bath and video thing.

Redhead-that sucks. It especially sucks that it didn't happen in the beginning of the summer. Hopefully you'll land on your feet quickly. You know the old saying, "when life gives you lemons, make vodka and lemonade". Something like that.

Anonymous said...


Been there. Felt that. Just look at it as someone else causing a chapter to end ubruptly. Turn the page, have fun and move on.

It will come to you what you REALLY want to do next. Tomorrow, next week, whenever.

Yes, job seeking sucks but the inner evaluation may help in the long run. As an old fart 50 I just went through the same thing. Take it as a positive and move on.

Can't change it so move on to the next chapter and bake some special brownies


Redhead said...

tk: You're friend sounds exactly like the kind of person I would love to hang out with - those guys who come out with the random, shocking stuff are always the most fun.

erin: Keep in mind that I didn't write the excerpt from the last post, I just read it and...enjoyed it. Not sure I could actually write that stuff and not spontaneously combust from the blushing. Shut up - YES, I blush.

hermano: Ew.

jumpshootingfool: Best saying ever. I love vodka and lemonade - and I don't even like lemonade. But as for vodka...mmmm, vodka...

Dave: Ah, special brownies would go really well with my vodka and lemonade. Actually no, they'd probably taste really bad together, but still... Thanks for the support, and I am hoping this does turn out for the best. In the meantime, this IS going to suck. Ah well.

Jack Cobra said...

I hope you at least stole a fucking stapler on the way out...damn the man

Redhead said...

Sadly, I'm still going in and cleaning out my desk (and helping them transition - yes, I'm the nicest person IN THE WORLD). I'll be sure to steal a stapler when I finally leave for good just to make a point though!

STP said...

The same thing happened to me at the end of March - I wish you the best of luck! And really, enjoy this time of drinking and sleeping in because it's not often that you get that chance. Viva la booze! (and Chinese food).

Anonymous said...

you know what will cheer you up? videos of kids eating lemons. fo' real.

Anonymous said...

Chinese and jack are really good at moments like this. More and more of us get "laid off" in this country. Ain't right. There's a good cure for jobless blues... well, two actually. 1) you can sing Take This Job ... all you want. 2) It's a good time to marry well. That's what I did. Paid the bills and I ended up finding a better job.